China’s Xiaomi Becomes World’s 5th Largest Smartphone Maker

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China’s Xiaomi Becomes World’s 5th Largest Smartphone Maker

Global smartphone sales are still growing, but the market’s star performer in the last three months wasn’t Apple or even Samsung. It was China’s Xiaomi.

The young electronics firm run by billionaire Lei Jun captured a remarkable 5% global market share in the last three months, according to new figures from Strategy Analytics, shipping 15.1 million smartphones in the quarter.

It now has a 5.1% share of the market, up from 1.8% this time last year.

This is the first time Xiaomi has risen to 5th place in its share of global shipments, according to Strategy Analytics’ Woody Oh — which is extraordinary considering the company is just four years old.

“Xiaomi’s Android smartphone models are wildly popular in the Chinese market and it shifts millions of them every quarter through its extensive online and operator channels,” Oh said.

The company primarily sells its phones and tablet computers through so-called flash sales on its site, stimulating demand by touting that thousands of devices like its Mi3 smartphone have sold out within seconds of being offered to the public.

CEO Lei is known for emulating Steve Jobs’s presentation style and dress code, even concluding a recent public launch with the famous Apple slide saying, “one more thing.” The company’s Mi4 smartphone also bears a strong resemblance to the iPhone, and it’s website has many similarities to Apple’s. The copycat style has irked some, but it seems to be working.

Xiaomi’s next big step is to expand outside of China, targeting consumers in Asia and Europe. ”It will have to invest big money to familiarize western consumers with its unfamiliar brand name,” says Oh.

Last year Xiaomi poached Hugo Barra, former product head at Google’s Android division, to help lead its international expansion, though Barra has lately been busy defending his new employer against the copycat complaints.

Xiaomi can at least afford to continue focusing its efforts on China, where Apple is getting a more sure footing – Cupertino is betting that its recently inked partnership with leading carrier China Mobile will lead to greater sales. The global smartphone market also saw strong demand in Asia and Africa, and sluggish volumes in North America and Europe thanks to changes in the operator subsidy mix, Strategy Analytics says.

Samsung remains the global smartphone leader with a 25.2% share of the market in Q2 of this year, followed by Apple with 11.9%, China’s Huawei with 6.8% and Lenovo with 5.4%.

Lenovo’s market share didn’t grow much from last year, the researchers said, and it’s smartphone growth has more than halved in the past year. “It’s rapid expansion seen in recent quarters is coming to an end.”

Globally, smartphone shipments grew by 27% year-on-year to reach a record 295 million units in the second quarter, while Android captured a record 85% share of all new smartphones shipped in the last quarter.


The World’s Most Expensive Men’s Wardrobe

The World’s Most Expensive Men’s Wardrobe

Posted on December 5, 2012
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A Wardrobe that Even the Top 1% Can’t Afford

The world’s most expensive wardrobe comes in at a whopping $6.6 Million – a price tag that will make even the Top 1% feel poor. Using Bloomberg’s Top 1% income figure of $350K, it would take the average 1% earner over 30 years of frugal lifestyle to afford such lavishness. To put things in perspective, $6.6 Million is enough to feed 90,000 starving children in Africa for an entire year (figure taken from the United Nations World Food Programme). I think this is the perfect example that money can’t buy style, and certainly can’t buy class.

worlds-most-expensive-mens-suitStuart Hughes Men’s Suit – $900,000
The world’s most expensive suit was a collaboration between luxury designer Stuart Hughes and tailor Richard Jewels. The suit is constructed out of fine cashmere and silk blend, and is decorated with a trip of 480 diamonds with a total weight of 240 carats. Apparently it took a master tailor 600 hours to create.


Eton’s 80th Anniversary Dress Shirt – $45,000
Cheap in comparison to the suit featured above is this limited edition dress shirt by Swedish shirt maker Eton. The luxury shirt maker created this piece in celebration of its 80th anniversary. The shirt is constructed from fine Egyptian cotton, and of course dozens of diamonds on the studs and cufflinks. Best of all, there is no need to feel guilty for this lavish spending since all proceeds will go to Charity.




Jacob & Co. Cufflinks – $4.2 Million
If the “free” diamond cufflinks that come with the Eton shirt (shown above) aren’t flashy enough, then Jacob & Co designed the perfect upgrade for you. The centerpiece on each cufflink features a 10.5 carat yellow diamond framed with an additional 5 carats of baguette cut diamonds.



Patek Philippe “Sky Moon Tourbillon” – $1.1 Million
Compared to the world’s most expensive men’s wrist watch (1735 Blancpain @ $8.39 Mil), Swiss watch maker Patek Philippe created a bargain timepiece. Although one would expect a flashy diamond encrusted bezel for such a price tag, the designer uses ordinary gold and leather instead. It is a lavish yet impressive double-faced timepiece that features a sidereal time display, perpetual calendar, stars motion side display, and moon phases.


worlds-most-expensive-mens-neckt-tieNecktie by Satya Paul – $223,000
Still looking to add more flash and bling to your ourfit? Then this quarter million dollar necktie will be perfect. Designer Satya Paul created this lavish tie from silk and white gold yarns, and decorated it with 261 diamonds (77 carat in weight). After finding this tie, I thought about what tie knot would suit it best, but couldn’t decide on one. Regardless of the price, I find this the most tacky piece on this “most expensive wardrobe”.

most-expensive-umbrellaCrocodile Skin Umbrella – $50,000
Perfect for the rainy season this winter is this $50,000 umbrella, designed and created by Italian Formula One mogul Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso. It is constructed out of genuine crocodile skin that is actually water resistant.



Moro Alligator Skin Dress Shoe by A. Testoni – $38,000
To finish this billionaire’s outfit, I picked out these $38,000 cheap dress shoes by Bolognia’s luxury shoe maker A. Testoni. It not only Testoni’s most expensive shoe to date, but it is the most expensive men’s dress shoe in the world. It is made from alligator skin that will be the perfect compliment to the $50,000 umbrella featured above.



The psychology of colour on meetings and conferences

The psychology of colour on meetings and conferences


When you’re planning your next conference or meeting take a moment to consider how your colour scheme might affect your delegates. It’s great to have stunning lighting and bold coloured rooms in your venue but which colours are best? Which colours inspire and motivate? Which are calming? And which colours should you avoid? The team here at Nottingham Conference Centre have put together this post to make sure you create the best environment possible.


White rooms convey a sense of space and of being a blank canvas. Your delegates will feel inspired and creative inside. Avoid the white coming across as too stark and sterile by having darker coloured flooring and furniture. White rooms can of course also be easily dressed to suit any other colour theme or lighting scheme.
Best for: inspiration.


Blue is a great colour to go for if you’ve holding an important decision-making meeting. Research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. The colour blue is seen as peaceful and can promote a feeling of calm. It is however preferred more by men than women so bear in mind your audience. Navy blue is seen as a very corporate colour which conveys authority and trust, making it a good colour for a speaker’s suit or clothing.
Best for
: productivity.


The colour green symbolises nature and the great outdoors. If you’re keen on the environment choosing the colour green is a great way to symbolise this. It is also associated with luck. Green has a calming effect that can relieve stress so after a busy day on the exhibition floor provide your visitors with a green space in which to unwind.
Best for: relaxation.


Orange is seen as an energetic colour that catches the eye and promotes enthusiasm – perfect for sales conferences and motivational speeches. Get your speakers to wear a flash of the colour but avoid using it too much as they may not be taken seriously.
Best for: motivation.


Yellow is seen as a happy, optimistic and warm colour. It can however create feelings of frustration so should be used sparingly as a complimentary colour. Introducing a piece of artwork or flowers to your room would be the best way to use yellow.
Best for: optimism.


Red is an intense colour that promotes strong feelings. Mainly associated with love and danger it catches the eye and stimulates the brain. However, it can cause tempers to flare so avoid too much red in your next boardroom meeting. Again red should be used as an accent colour with small flashes in your table decorations or speakers’ accessories.
Best for: attention grabbing.

Pros and Cons of Using Facebook for Business

Pros and Cons of Using Facebook for Business

When considering using Facebook for business, there are a number of important factors that need to be put into consideration. What are your communication objectives? What does your business want to achieve and who will manage your Facebook page?

Pros of Using a Facebook Page for Business

Over 800 Million Users

Facebook now has over 800 million users worldwide and it is a networking force to be reckoned with.

Facebook Advertising

You can target potential client’s via the Facebook advertising platform. As a Facebook page administrator, you can aim your advertisements at potential customers through location, sex, age and interests to name a few. There are also more advanced demographics to choose from such as relationship status, language, education and work. Facebook advertising is an excellent means of directly targeting your audience.

Accessible Information

The key to a successful Facebook page is updating your page regularly with useful and interactive content. You can use your page to connect with the public and showcase your business in an accessible manner.

Link your Facebook to your website

Facebook can greatly improve your search engine optimisation. Your webmaster can easily install (or many other tools) to your website. This will enable you and your visitors to publish content from your website directly to Facebook with the click of button. All shared posts link straight to your blog resulting in increased traffic to your website.

Like, Comment and Share

Facebook is ideal for uploading images and showcasing your products and services to followers. Followers can then ‘like’, ‘comment’ or even ‘share’ your images with their friends leading to more exposure for you. It is ‘word of mouth’ marketing for the web!

Custom Facebook Welcome Page Design

Custom designed welcome pages are an excellent way of engaging with new visitors. It’s important to capture the viewer’s attention with interesting messages and visuals that entice them to like your page. Click this link to see our Facebook Page

Facebook Applications

There are an abundance of free and paid applications you can install onto your Facebook page. Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Blog RSS Feed and Newsletter Sign Up are some apps we use. Including links to other networks on your facebook page is an excellent way to promote your social networks. Click this link to see this BIG LIST of Apps by Mari Smith

Cons of Using a Facebook Page for Business

Time and Resources

Time and resources is one of the biggest drawbacks of having a Facebook page. Business managers need to be aware that setting up a Facebook page does not mean people will automatically follow you. Maintaining a Facebook page takes time, resources and energy.

Slow Burn

Sometimes building your fan base can be a slow burn for B2B on Facebook. To increase growth you can invest in resources and/or increase your advertising budget.  An effective way to drive traffic and visitors to your Facebook page is to run a competition. Check out this 3rd party application for ideas on running Facebook page competitions.

Advertising Budget

A reasonable advertising budget is essential to the success of your facebook page. With many alternative methods of online marketing you may find that your page will experience very slow growth.Facebook have 2 primary types of advertising sponsored stories and Facebook Ads.
Within that there are 2 payment options; Pay for Impression (CPM), where you pay a fee each time your ad is viewed 1000 times
and Pay for Click (CPC) where you pay when an individual clicks on your ad.
To find out more about Facebook advertising click here

Monitoring Your Page

A critical factor to consider when setting up a Facebook page. Your company will need a dedicated member of staff who can monitor and respond to posts on a regular basis.

The Voice of Your Company

The management of your Facebook page should not be left to an intern or someone ‘who thinks they know how to use Facebook’. This is a common mistake made by business page owners. Social media is a powerful modern marketing tool and can catch on like wildfire. It’s important to represent your company in a professional manner. It is a good idea to set up a communications community that can monitor what is being published on behalf of your organisation.

Reputation Management

Social Media is a powerful medium and you must have reputation management policies in place. For example, if a customer is not happy with your product or service; they have the ability to post unsatisfactory comments on your Facebook page. Your support staff must either rectify the customers issue on Facebook or direct them to a support e-mail address via your website. Deleting the users comment is a BIG NO NO and can back fire.


Lack of interaction on Facebook and not publishing regular content can reflect very poorly on a business. A Facebook page is not just something to create and then forget about. You need to be committed – post regular updates to your fans and provide useful content. You need to participate in the conversation, share images and become immersed in Facebook to provide an excellent social media service that represents your company as a reputable organisation.

Facebook is the leading social media network in the world.

There are other social networks hot on their heels such as Google+ but none have come close to Facebook’s overwhleming user base of 800 million. In our view, if you are willing to put the time and resources into your business’s facebook page the positives out weight the negatives. Setting up a Facebook page and how you utilise it’s applications for business really depends on each company on a case by case basis. We hope we have shed some light on the minefield of social media and please let us know how your facebook business page is working for you.